Never played golf before? No problem!

It's so easy to 'Get into Golf' at Bramshaw Golf Club, the 'GolfMark Club of the Year 2011' in England!

We were awarded the renowned GolfMark accreditation by the EGU and EWGA towards the end of 2009. This recognised that Bramshaw Golf Club is committed to a number of things, in particular...

  • We are beginner and junior friendly (i.e. under 18 years)
  • We provide an entry opportunity for those who have not yet taken up the game
  • We are serious about delivering well structured coaching to develop youngsters, and those new to the game
  • We provide a pathway for those new to the game of golf to become members here at Bramshaw Golf Club
  • We give up to 48 people each year the opportunity to see if they like, and have an aptitude for, the game of golf. Golf has been perceived as a difficult and costly sport to get into, but not any more!

Anyone can apply to take part in our annual "Free Coaching" programme, which provides the opportunity to join others new to the game in a friendly and relaxed environment. We deliver the coaching via six 1-hour sessions in groups of 6 people, and try hard to match like-minded individuals in order to make the sessions rewarding and fun. Friendships often follow!

For more information on our 'Get into Golf' programme, come and see us in the Pro Shop, or contact us at 023 8081 3433 (option 4), or click here to get in touch.

Bend Hole

Come and have fun learning the basics of the game like more than 120 people have since the Summer of 2010. The Free Coaching is followed by the chance to become a Member of the Club at greatly reduced cost for a period of 6-months. This provides you with a low cost way of furthering the skills you learn during the coaching and the chance to experience the enjoyment of life as a Bramshaw member. A pathway to years of pleasure!

The 6-week coaching programme follows the EGU/EWGA 'Tee to Green' introductory programme, and includes:

  • Club and Clubhouse familiarisation
  • Briefing on golf equipment and the golf course
  • Holding a golf club, stance and swing
  • Long game & mid-iron
  • Pitching and Chipping
  • Bunker Play
  • Putting

A welcome booklet published by the EGU/EWGA that tells those new to the game (almost) everything they need to know!