Marc Bignall:

A thorough and professional short game fitting. Not only was I fitted with the correct equipment at some of the lowest prices around, but I was also given quality and informed advice on how best to use my existing clubs to help improve my all round game.


Dave Rodda:

Hi Clive,

The 'Touch' function works perfectly, great control over the speed, AND I got it in my car along with the two golf bags, result! Thank goodness you recommended that carry bag though :)

I received a personal service from Clive and the team, fully demonstrating the equipment I was looking to buy, thus ensuring I got the right golfing solution for ME. Not only that, but the deal he put together was better than the large department stores and included the exceptional after sales service you get from our Club Pro and team
- thanks Clive.

Dave Rodda


Craig Duncan:

I arranged a club fitting session with Clive Bonner a few weeks ago for new Irons and I was very impressed by his service. The technical equipment set up in the practice area gave us a detailed and very useful analysis of my shots with various club heads and shafts and by the end we had fully agreed on the specifications that seemed right for my set-up and swing. I am now getting used to these Irons on the course and I am sure they are already giving me more control and added distance. A great service I would recommend strongly.


Nigel Bartlett:

Dear Clive,

The recent experience of your excellent service has prompted me to write a note of gratitude.

I would have explained to you that as a result of living in Guernsey with a relatively small population I am used to areas of limited service and availability of products. Nevertheless Powercaddy did advise me that a local service agent would be able to supply and fit a replacement handle on my Powcaddy Twinline 3 golf cart to enable me to fit an umbrella holder. I am still waiting for the agent to get back to me, in the mean time you have negotiated with Powacaddy to have the necessary parts sent to me direct, and I have fitted the new handle together with the umbrella holder and am now equipped to refocus on my golf in the British climate.

I am pleased that I picked you out of the selection of Powacaddy agents on the internet, thanks for going the extra mile.

Kind regards,

Nigel Bartlett


Robin Bruce-Gardner:

I recently purchased new Irons, Wedges and a Driver from Clive. The reason for going to Clive was my confidence in the friendly advice he would give me. Clive really wants to get it right and in my case he certainly was and I could not be more pleased with my new clubs. To get such expert guidance with very competitive prices, that you would find hard to match elsewhere, means that this indeed is a rare Golf Shop and a must to visit.


Roger Barrett:

Thanks to Emma Weeks
It is with pleasure that I write this testament to the effectiveness and attention provided by Emma in the selection and custom fitting of my new Callaway Diablo Edge irons.

Having tried several different irons over a period and favouring the latest PING, I went for a fitting with Emma and we tried various clubs and lots of sticky paper over an hour and arrived at my exact prescription. The final club I tried felt very comfortable and went like a dream and after a number of perfect shots it was evident to us both that the Callaway was my best choice.

I received the clubs within 5 days and combined with lessons from Emma and some practise I have noticed a marked improvement in my game with a recent 39 points on the Forest followed by the same score on the Manor to take the prestigious Calmore Society Bell Trophy by 3 points last weekend.

I am very pleased with these clubs and thank Emma for her help and would recommend her assistance in club selection and fitting as well as her tuition skills.


Andy :

I decided I wanted to buy some new irons. I had joined Bramshaw in April of this year as a 7 day member and consequently been playing more golf over the last few months. When I joined the club, I had a social handicap of 18 and now have an official 14 handicap. My previous irons were PING i3+ which were custom fitted but at a Nevada Bob's outlet and were approximately 7 years old. I requested a custom club fitting session with Clive and we made the necessary arrangements and recently conducted the session on the club's practice range.

I had been very happy with my old PING set and was very keen to try the latest version the new PING i15 irons (amongst others including the PING G15, Callaway X22 Tour & TaylorMade Burner irons). Firstly Clive took my basic measurements of height, hand size and distance of my hands to the floor. Clive then used a special plastic mat with stickers placed on the clubheads so that he was able to ensure the lie of the club was correct and that I was getting a clean strike out of the middle of the clubhead. It was interesting to see the different markings on the stickers which indicated a good or poor strike. Whilst I was hitting a number of shots, Clive was also able to view my swing speed and recommend the correct shaft stiffness for my new irons.

From my test I was pleased I had the opportunity to hit other irons even though in the end I did decide to go for the PING i15s after all. I was also very impressed with the PING G15 which I found very forgiving, but I found the head a little bulkier than I'm used to looking at, though that did bring with it outstanding forgiveness and straightness. My new fitted PING i15s are definitely more forgiving and slightly longer than my old set and they still provide the ability to shape a ball and also produce a higher ball flight which assists me with improved distance control. I went for a 4-PW and also decided to invest in an excellent G15 20 degree rescue wood which has replaced a 3 iron in my bag.

I would recommend to any keen fellow players of this great game to consider a new set of custom fitted clubs. Without doubt, if fitted correctly, new irons can facilitate improved confidence and scoring as I am now starting to see in my own game.



Hi Clive

I just thought that I would drop you a quick note regarding the Tour Edge Exotics 3 wood I recently purchased. The club is working out brilliantly and I am very happy with its performance. It has given me at least 20 extra yards off both the tee and the fairway, which is very useful on par fives. It is proving to be easy to hit and has a predictable, powerful flight.

Thanks for the good advice,