Here at Bramshaw professional shop we pride ourselves on helping you find the best equipment to suit you and your game. We offer a wide range of custom fitting options from drivers right the way through to putters. The staff recieve regular product training to keep them informed of new club head designs and shaft options to ensure we find the best equipment to suit you and your abilities. We have all the top brands for you to try and using the Vector Pro Launch monitor we can match the right shaft spec, loft and club head design to suit your own individual swing.


We have the Callaway optifit system which boasts over 1000 club head and shaft options. With the new i-mix driver fitting system it allows us to mix driver head lofts with shaft flex, kick points and torque so we can best match a driver to your swing and ability. The iron heads can also be interchanged with shaft lengths and flexes so we can find the correct length and lie angle to suit you.


Are you a G - Man or an i - Guy??

Do you want to hit the ball longer, straighter and have forgiveness throughout the whole set, do you struggle to hit longer irons and are you always fighting a slice?? If the answer is yes then you are a G-Man.

An i-Guy is some one who is looking for a traditional look without compromising performance, wants playiblity with some forgiveness throughout the whole set and typically fights a hook.


What do we measure to ensure the perfect fit?

Our experienced club fitters utilise the Vector Lunch monitor with their vast personal experience to give you an accurate assessment of your swing and ultimate the specifications that will improve your game.

The Vector Launch monitor shows us the ideal launch angle and spin rates to maximise distance by measuring swing speed and ball speed off the club face. It can also help reduce side spin which gives you the off line shots by indicating the specifications to limit the fault.


Cleveland wedge fitting system

60 - 70% off all fairway shots are played from with in 100 yards of the green,whice makes the selection of your wedges extremely important.

Cleveland golfs wedge fitting system will recommend the appropriate wedge models and lofts using a combination of your skill level, current set composition and preferences. Your custom fit wedges will optimise your gap yardages and scoring options around the green. The only risk is lowering your handicap.

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