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Greetings from Clive Bonner
Bramshaw Golf Club, PGA Golf Professional

Bertha Mini 1.5 A New Weapon For The Long Part Of Your Game.

Who could use a Bertha Mini 1.5 in their bag?

That’s easy, you and every other golfer. This is a new type of weapon off the tee for high swing speed players and low swing speed players alike, with all the features that you love about a driver (like high MOI) built into the body of a bigger fairway wood.

It’s longer off the tee than our traditional 3-wood, and the head is 35% larger than the XR Fairway Wood to give you forgiveness and confidence when you’re standing over the ball. Callaway also put in a shaft that’s 2” shorter than a driver shaft, and a cambered Warbird Sole to make it easy to hit.

If you struggle with your driver, or you like having another reliable option when you’re staring down a tight par-4 or par-5, this is your club. And if you’re a better player who wants to hit it long off the fairway, this is your club.

The Bertha Mini 1.5 could make you rethink your bag, because it’s exactly what you need for so many shots in your round...

Click here to find out more about the Bertha Mini 1.5

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New Scotty Cameron Putters Now in Stock

We now have in stock the new for 2015 Scotty Cameron GoLo Putter Range. This is the first model to feature an insert which goes all the way around and into the back of the putter. This helps the player to achieve a soft sound and feel which is created by the seamless integration of the aluminium core and steel frame using internal vibration dampeners in five strategic locations.

Click here to find out more about the Scotty Cameron putter range.

Get Fitted!

You may know how important it is to have your woods and irons fitted, but did you also know that it is vital to have your putter fitted as well. An incorrectly fitted putter can lead to inconsistency and missed putts!

Just think how many shots you spend per round with your putter compared to your driver for example?! Don't leave your putting neglected.

Click here to get in touch if you would like to book a lesson or fitting with one of our PGA Professional staff.

Finding the Right Shape

Many players pick a shape that complements their stroke. Technical strokes tend to prefer square shapes and mechanical necks. Players that want to rid themselves of technical thoughts tend towards softer lines and flowing necks. All Scotty Cameron putters are precision milled so the critical angles of the face, sole and shaft ensure each putter sits square. Each head is shaped and softened to flow to the ground and inspire confidence at address.

Scotty Cameron Select Putters are modern blades and mid mallets designed to meet the requirements of the world’s best players.

Scotty Cameron GoLo mallets have an easy to align, rounded and racy profile that flows elegantly down from the shaft through the curved back.

Scotty Cameron Futura X putters feature a high MOI design with advanced perimeter weighting for stability throughout the stroke.

Mind your Weight!

For most players, the standard Scotty Cameron weight configuration will produce the ideal balance and feel to execute the proper stroke. If your stroke tends to decelerate, if your hands get too active, or if you have too much wrist break, you should consider a heavier head or a Dual Balance putter that is heavier overall.

Length Matters!

The ideal putter length sets your eyes 1-2” inside of the target line to allow you to execute the proper arcing putting stroke while maintaining good posture and balance. If your putter is too long, your setup posture will be too upright with your eyes set too far inside the target line. For a right-handed golfer this results in a path that starts too far inside and putts will be pushed to the right. If your putter is too short, your setup posture will be too hunched over with your eyes set too far outside the target line. For a right-handed golfer this results in a path that starts too far outside and putts are pulled to the left.

So if you haven't been fitted for a putter before, or are having some trouble on the greens, come and see us so we can get you back on track and holing more putts!

Click here to get in touch to request your fitting.

Back on the Straight and Narrow!

Many of you are taking the opportunity to fine tune your games with the aid of golf lessons. During the many golf lessons we have conducted throughout April and May, the One area of the game that seems to lack consistancy  is the golfers allignment with the target. If your swing is on a good path and your club face is sqaure to that path, but your alignment is out then you cannot hit the ball straight along the target line.

The golfer that aims too far to the left will often have to compensate by leaving the club face open to the swing path in order for the ball to fly to the target, which often results in a weak (cutty slicey) kind of shot. The golfer who aims too far to the right will find it difficult to turn the lower body through impact and will often have to rescue the shot using the hands.

Using a golf club or alignment sticks can  be used to help cure a number of swing and address faults, such as alignment, ball position, initial ball flight direction and unwanted hip slide to name but a few. When you know you have taken dead aim with the target you can commit completely to your shot!

PING tour player days

Tee it up with a Tour player 

If you purchase PING equipment in the pro shop during our Complete Equipment Solution we’ll enter you into a fantastic prize draw where the winner will get to tee it up with a PING Tour player, oh… and one of us! Money can’t buy a prize like this so be sure to check out PING’s Complete Equipment Solution here and pop into the store for further details…

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