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Pros news  

Winter Golf is Here!!!

Now we are through the best of the golfing calendar, we want to offer advice to help each of our readers continue to develop their game through the winter period.

Equipment check

As the seasons change so do the course and climate conditions. Taking this into consideration vital pieces of equipment that need to be checked consist of; 

1. Golf Balls -Not so long ago, yellow balls were only found on driving ranges and consisted of rock-hard budget balls. Now the likes of Titleist and Srixon offer some of their premium models in yellow. Serious golfers tend to stay away from yellow golf balls, but they perform just the same as white ones and are easier to spot among leaves or frost. 

A common perception of golfers is that in the winter you should player a harder ball to gain more distance. This can be considered a myth! In the cold it actually becomes harder to compress the golf ball which means your shot will lose height and distance, hence why Titleist have produced yellow golf balls in their Trusoft and NXT Tour S ranges. 

Helping players to keep consistent compression of their shots in the cold.

2. Gloves - All-weather gloves may not look the prettiest, but when rain is coming down, or your hands are cold, securing a firm hold on the club is far more important than whether your glove matches your outfit. the wet weather and winter gloves come available as pairs, Wearing two clearly offers more grip than wearing just the one.  

All the major manufacturers make fleece-lined winter mitts that you can easily slip on between shots, so if you are traditionalist and the winter pairs are not for you, mittens will keep your hands defended from the chill maintaining your short game performance.

3. Layering up - Layering Up revolves around comfort and the ability to match the right garments to the conditions. It ensures moisture and excess heat transports away from the body to keep you dry or cool. A tight-fitting base layer also boosts stamina by compressing muscles and enhancing circulation.  

Manufacturers recommend three layers to optimise performance for the serious golfer – a base layer for dry comfort, warmth and extra energy; a warm/cool layer for thermal regulation; and a shell layer for outer protection from the elements. 

The last thought to layering up is breathability, this comes down to thermal regulation properties that keep the body at an optimum temperature whatever the weather. this is the Infared technology.

Our UnderArmour garments and thermal linings in FootJoy and Glenbrae, the hi-tech textile fibres dispersing perspiration and moisture over a large area more quickly than any conventional garments. That enables the golfer to play in comfort and focus on the game. 

winter layers men   

4. Waterproofs- Other than perhaps an umbrella, a waterproof Suit is the most important tool you need to fend off winter conditions. Not only do they need to keep you dry, they need to be breathable, provide you with freedom of movement and be relatively quiet when you swing. we have a variety to choose from for both men and women. From ProQuip, UnderArmour, FootJoy and Green Lamb

5. Shoes- As we have already been talking about keeping warm and dry are the main priorities of winter preparation, so with this in mind when choosing the right shoes for winter, these factors should be considered along with the added focus of grip.

Give the spike-less shoes a break until the spring and look for a pear of Spikes with the same comfort. FootJoy offer this in abundance with the Boot, Contour, DryJoy, Hyperflex, D.N.A and Freestyle rages for men alongside the Boot, Contour, Embody, Emerge and D.N.A ranges for women.

winter apparel men   

6. Club set up & grips- So we have addressed apparel, now we reach the business end of the winter performance. we need to consider grip and loft.
To ensure you maintain feel this winter check your grips, making sure they are well maintained will ensure you are not tempted to hold it too tight or lose grip as your hands feel the chill this winter. advice can be given in store.

Winter is really when driver adjustability comes into its own, due to conditions run is reduced so the important factor in a shot that needs to be optimised is carry. The catalyst for carry is Loft. “More loft means more carry and more distance, so get along to your pro and find out what will give you the best driver head/shaft combo. You really should go to your pro's to learn about adjustability.”

Taking this information on board will set you to succeed this winter!!!

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Winter Tip

we hope that our teaching keeps you all on the straight and narrow this winter, but on the odd occasion you miss the fairway and encounter mud on your ball, this weeks tip will help you escape without a hitch.

If you can’t lift, clean and place, mud balls can be a real pain at this time of year. It can have a significant effect on trajectory, distance and curve .

So as a rule of thumb: 

1.  If there’s mud on top of the ball, a shot will tend to spin too much and balloon up. Take a club with less loft, and attempt to play the shot as you would normally.

2. If there’s mud on the side of the ball, it will tend to curve in the opposite direction of the mud. (mud on left side of ball, will influence curvature to the right) when possible alter your alignment to enable you to allow for the expected curvature.

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