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Custom fitting 

One of the many services we offer at Bramshaw is club fitting, we believe that alongside our coaching services, our fitting only optimizes the performance of our customers.

The first question worth addressing is… 

What is club fitting?

Club fitting is the process of determining which golf club allows a player to consistently strike a ball closest to the center of the face, with a clubface that is square to the target line with the sole of the club flush to the ground, this Optimizes a player’s performance, feel and consistency. 

Additional factors included in the process are; design characteristics of a club such as length, lie, loft, shaft material, shaft flex.

Club Length

If a player is not striking shots on the center of the face, the first factor to consider would be the length of the club. 

A club’s length can have direct bearing over where a player tends to impact the face. A player that is striking shots low on the face and on the toe can usually benefit from a club that is slightly longer, while a player striking shots too high on the face and on the heel would typically benefit from a club that is shorter.
Lie Angle

Lie angle is the flushness of the sole of the club to the ground at the moment of impact. 

This is an incredibly important factor to consider because it has a bearing on both the dynamic angle of the face, as well as the ability of a player to strike the ball vertically in the center of the club. 

If the sole of the club is not perfectly flat against the ground, the face will present in a manner that causes the ball to start offline. 

There is a misconception that if the toe of the club digs, it opens the face, therefore causing the ball to start open to the target line, or vice-versa if the heel digs. 

Remember, in a well-struck shot, the ball is struck first before the ground, so if the ground is causing any twisting of the head due to ground force, the ball is already gone from the face when that is occurring. 

The reason a toe-dug shot starts open to the target line is because the loft of the face skews the face angle to present more open, even though the blade may be square to the target line. Exactly the opposite is true of a heel-dug shot. This is why a lie angle must be selected for each player that presents the sole of the club flush to the ground at impact, so that any lie angle error does not skew the feedback a player gets regarding the angle of their face. 

It is worth mentioning that a lie angle error could also cause the ball to be struck off-center vertically. If the toe is digging, any shot struck towards the toe would also strike high on the face, and any shot struck towards the heel would be struck low on the face.


After addressing the previous factors in the fitting process this allows a player to utilize each clubs loft maximizing the distance and control of all shots.

Shaft Material

When being fitted  a player should also consider which shaft material is best for their game. For years, steel and graphite were the only options, however shaft manufacturers have now produced integrate composite shafts into the industry, which are a blend of graphite and steel. 

When fitting swing speed is normally the deciding factor as to which will suit a player best a long with any limitations a player may have.

Graphite typically produces higher ball flights and spin rates than steel,  beneficial to players with injuries to shoulders, elbows, or wrists due to shock absorbency.

New manufacturing processes are increasing consistency of graphite.

Steel typically produces lower ball flights and spin rates than graphite, tighter shot dispersion.

New designs are lighter, allowing more flex than in the past, which means a player that is in the position of possibly needing to change from steel to graphite may be able to stay using steel that little bit longer.

Composite Shafts theoretically offer the best of both worlds, as a result are priced higher than regular graphite or steel and depending on the player results may vary.

Shaft Flex

The deciding factor as to which is the correct flex shaft for a player everyone knows of is swing speed. we would like to make you aware that there is a little more to it than just the speed of a players swing.
players possessing a fast swing speed above 99mph typically warrant stiffer flex, but not always. 

Release Pattern is another consideration for shaft flex, different release patterns call for different shaft flex.

Early release on the downswing or extreme wrist angle can require stiffer flex Dustin Johnson’s swing speed is higher than Sergio Garcia’s, yet his driver shaft is lighter and more flexible.

Hopefully with this insight into the fitting process we've got a few of you thinking, and if you would like to discuss it further don't hesitate to pop in and see us in the pro shop.

To contact us about club fitting or to book yourself in for a fitting session please click here.

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