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Clive Bonner

Bramshaw Golf Club PGA Golf Professional

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Pros news  

Don't Forget

Coming up next week we will be having our Callaway Demo Day, come and give this years range a go and see if you can find the extra length and accuracy every golfer is always striving to achieve.

Appointments available between 1-5pm to be booked in the pro shop

Date: Wednesday 25th May 

Golfing Trivia

Everyone can talk a good game so lets put that to a test with a few fun questions. They will start easy and as the weeks go on they will get a little tougher. 

1.What is the maximum amount of time allowed to look for a lost ball?

2.Who is 'The Golden Bear'? 

Answers will be given in next weeks newsletter. 

Contact me here.

Shop news 

US OPEN Sweepstake squares 

Still available £2 per square

we draw you a player  and depending on the result you have a chance to win

1st prize £100, 2nd £65, 3rd £55, 4th £45, 5th £30. 

Worst score on the 1st day £15. 

Are you skeptical when it comes to Custom Fitting? 

When players make the decision to invest in their game, they expect to either gain distance or improve accuracy to ultimately lower their scores and increase enjoyment on the course. 

Now we can assure you that 9/10 buying straight off the shelf will not achieve this .

The reason that new equipment doesn't improve a player's game isn't necessarily the equipment. The New technology is great. Golf clubs today are definitely easier to hit and go further than just a few years ago. 

The problem lies in the fact that the equipment may not "fit" the individual player. If a club doesn't suit a player's swing or physique, it is very difficult to hit the club consistently well and rather than thinking of making a good swing players end up developing detrimental compensations.

When a player goes through a club fitting, the following factors are considered to try and optimise club performance and shot shape.


The length of club a player should use is influenced by a combination of a player's height and the length of a player's arms. The length of a club has a great deal of influence on how consistently the player can return the club to impact. If a player does not have clubs that are the correct length, it is very difficult to get into correct posture at address. When a player is not in correct posture, or balance, the player will seek balance during the swing and change the path of the golf club.

Shaft Flex

The shaft is the engine of the golf club. A shaft is simply a timing devise that allows a player to square up the club face at impact. When the shaft flex does not match a player's swing, it will affect both trajectory and the curvature of the ball. The correct shaft flex in a golf club will maximize distance and tighten shot dispersion.

Lie Angle

The lie angle of the club is the angle of the shaft of the club relative to the sole and the ground. The lie angle of the club has a huge influence in ball flight. If a club is too "flat," the toe of the club will impact the ground and the ball will tend to push to the right (for a right handed player). If the club is too "upright", the heal of the club will impact the ground and the ball will tend to pull to the left.


The loft of the club influences the trajectory of ball flight. Trajectory effects distance. In irons, lofts are somewhat standard. However, within a set of irons, the loft needs to be calibrated correctly so that the distances from club to club are consistent. Loft is extremely important with drivers. If a player is going to optimize distance, he must have the correct loft on the driver. It is a commonly held misconception that less loft equals more distance. The belief is that if the ball is hit lower it will roll more and go farther. In truth, with optimal trajectory, the ball carries farther, rolls less, but overall distance is greater. The longest hitters in golf launch the ball very high.

Grip Size

The size of the handle of club affects the amount of hand rotation. Correct grip size allows a player to square the club face at impact. If a grip is too large, it inhibits hand rotation and promotes a slice. Grips that are too small increase hand action and promote a hook. 

We take great pride in ensuring we guarantee all of this is correct for you and to help us along the way we make great use of our flightscope launch monitor to increase the accuracy of our service.

So if you find you are having to make unnatural compensations when your playing maybe custom fitting is the answer to all your problems

For a limited time we are offering a free custom fit and free lesson with any iron set purchase.

Please watch the enclosed video which offers further information on our free fitting and free lesson offer with  Titleist.

Complete Equipment Solution 

FREE fitting and FREE lesson with Titleist!  
Sound good? We want to help you enjoy better golf this season, which is why we've teamed up with Titleist to offer you the Complete Equipment Solution. 

Every golf swing is different and we're confident that this fantastic promotion will help you get the most from your new equipment. 

Click here to find out how this works in this short video.  

Your Golf Travel

Exclusive deals just for you…

We’ve teamed up with Your Golf Travel to bring exclusive offers to our members and customers throughout the year. These fantastic deals – covering the UK, Europe, the rest of the world and even Tour event packages, including the Ryder Cup - are only available through our website. 

Please click below to take a look at our new travel website, or talk to us in store.

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Scotty Cameron

New Scotty Cameron Select putters 

They never fail to catch the eye and this latest line from the legendary Scotty Cameron is no different. Featuring a new wrap around face inlay, we invite you to have a practice stroke when you’re next in.

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Buying off the shelf: don't get shafted
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Filling the gaps in your bag
Request a Fitting
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